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Kate Brennan Founder at Brennan Group

Kate founded Brennan Group to leverage the “operator” knowledge acquired while helping build tech start-ups in sales working for Parametric Technology and Siebel Systems in the early days, prior to them becoming mainstream as one of their top performers. She then helped develop the messaging and execute the go to market strategy for a handful of start-ups, hired strong sales and marketing talent and secured the first set of clients while consistently delivering revenue critical to the company’s success.

Kate called on C-Level Executives her entire career and is completely comfortable approaching any Executive at any company regardless of size or industry. She has sold to every C-Level role running complex, strategic deals selling security, cloud platform solutions, application development, business applications and digital marketing to name a few. Kate spent half her career in New York City and the other half in San Francisco where she now resides. Kate is a graduate of the University of Oregon, School of Journalism and Business.


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Brennan Group Overview

Brennan Group was founded to provide a retained search service for finding the right executives, with years of experience in securing C-suite, executive-level and corporate board members for technology growth companies. The company was created by Kate Brennan, a former top sales performer for Parametric Technology and Siebel Systems who has worked on executive teams of technology start-ups to develop and execute go-to market strategies, while also hiring talent, securing clients and delivering critical revenue.

At Brennan Group, we are told that we bring a different type of background and expertise than the typical “go-to recruiters.” Our team’s experience selling disruptive technology enables us to quickly grasp the product, market, and overall value proposition to deliver a compelling story for our clients. We understand that the goals and communication styles for executives in sales, marketing, product, finance and technology are all very different and our staff strategically tailors each message to resonate with the specific role we recruit.

The candidates from Brennan Group do not come from a rolling inventory. Our candidates are from our network, people we’ve worked with; managed and sold to…they are the executives that our clients want to hire. Our clients trust us to deliver the right person and our candidates trust us to deliver a better career. Let us help you by contacting Brennan Group today to find the right executive for your company’s future.