“I had the pleasure of working with Kate Brennan when she conducted a very successful search for a Chief Customer Officer for us at Sitecore. She has a reputation for taking on tough assignments and delivering outstanding results. I can attest that Kate went above and beyond in her search, getting to know our company and the role we were looking to fill. I knew that this would be a challenging search since it’s a newly emerging position and we had very specific requirements. She applied an enormous amount of effort in crafting a customized description of the company and the role as well as a compelling value proposition for candidates. With her amazing, focused, passionate, industrious work ethic, Kate created a remarkable pipeline of candidates, while staying close to the interview process, all the while gathering input and course correcting as needed. Working with Kate, you’ll get an exceptional executive recruiting partner – and thanks to her, we now have one of the best CCOs in the world.”

Mark Frost (LinkedIn Profile)

CEO ~ Sitecore

Brennan Group Client at Sitecore; CCO Placement 2018

“As soon as I met Kate I knew that she’d work harder and be more effective than any other recruiter in the Valley. Indeed she proved tireless, fearless, tenacious, and dove into her work with single-minded determination. She delivered multiple, very qualified candidates who were well vetted and prepped for our hiring process. And when we adjusted our expectations mid-stream, she graciously rolled with the changes bringing us a new slate of candidates equally qualified for the revised role. In the end, Kate found a remarkable contributor who has brought immediate positive impact to our org. I cannot recommend Kate more highly.”

Scott Walchek (LinkedIn Profile)

CEO, Founder ~ Trōv

Brennan Group Client at Trōv; Head of Product placement 2018

“I would retain Kate again for any executive search, she is terrific, relentless and gets to everybody”

Dave Yarnold (LinkedIn Profile)

Board Member ~ MATRIXX and Model N; Advisor to CEO & Founder ~ VidSig; Former CEO ~ ServiceMax (acquired by GE)

Brennan Group Client at ServiceMax; 3 placements 2015 – 2016 and MATRIXX; CRO placement 2018

“The Brennan Group acted for Visier in the recent hiring of a Chief Marketing Officer. We are very pleased with the outcome, and appreciated Kate’s strong sense of urgency, her constant follow up and focus on results. She produced a very credible list of candidates and managed the project to a fast and successful result. I would recommend Kate’s firm to any high tech company looking to grow and develop their organization.”

John Schwarz (LinkedIn Profile)

CEO/Founder ~ Visier, Inc.; Former Executive Board Member, CEO ~ SAP Business Objects; President and COO ~ Symantec

Brennan Group Client at Visier, Inc.; CMO placement – 2018

“Kate Brennan has been a business partner and trusted advisor to ServiceMax for several years. She is hands-down, the best executive recruiter I have worked with. Her level of preparation for a search engagement is unprecedented. In just a few days, Kate could represent your company, the passion of your employees and your objectives as well as a company founder can. She matches talent with the principles of your company and your leadership style and sells what a career with your company will be to the candidates.

Leveraging her experience as an executive sales leader, Kate will reach the candidates that no one else can. Every candidate she presented for executive roles in Sales, Product Strategy and Marketing was a strong fit for our requirements and a viable new hire. By partnering with Kate, we were able to refine and narrow our selection to interested, qualified and motivated prospective employees.

I strongly recommend Kate for your most important leadership hiring. Filling special roles in your company requires relentless effort and focus. You can count on this from Kate.”

Scott Berg (LinkedIn Profile)

Current Board Advisor, Former CEO ~ ServiceMax (Acquired by GE for $915M Jan 2017)

Brennan Group Client at ServiceMax; 3 placements 2015 - 2016

“I have worked with Kate in two of my companies – Guidewire, where she recruited two Board members and several key executives, and Achievers, where she recruited our new CEO.  One of the things I like about Kate is that she is totally proactive and prepared.  Even before being awarded the search she educates herself about the company, position, and every nuance of the search.  That has resulted in candidates who not only meet the specific qualifications but are also an ideal match in personality, style, motivation, and temperament. In fact, it is not unusual for Kate to actually advise against a candidate based on her knowledge and intuition about the match.  She is completely comfortable approaching any level executive at any company regardless of size.  Her work ethic is amazing and she is reachable 24/7.”

Craig Conway (LinkedIn Profile)

Board of Directors ~ and Nutanix; Strategic Advisor ~ EQT Partners; Past Board Positions ~ Guidewire, AMD, Unisys, Pegasystems, eMeter, Kazeon, Success Factors, Achievers; Former CEO ~ PeopleSoft

Brennan Group Client at Guidewire (13 placements), Achievers (CEO) and Sitecore (CCO) 2013 - 2018

“During my time as CEO at InQuira, and now as a board director at Resolve Systems, MaintenanceNet and others, I have sought executive recruiting help from a number of top retained search firms.  Out of all of them, Kate Brennan stands out for me because of the distinctiveness of her approach and ultimately, the results.  She has an impressive background in strategic enterprise sales running large complex deals affording her with the communication skills, work ethic and technology competency to get deep into the companies value proposition…..the candidates are virtually sold before we meet them.  She also can read a candidate better than any search person I have encountered.  She understands how they are wired and what drives their leadership approach, style, and values.  Kate has placed several executives for companies I work with and she is the first person they call for any executive role.

Most recently MaintenanceNet needed a head of Products with an exceptional background….frankly I thought it would take six months to find qualified candidates.  She was able to find, recruit and relocate a great match in less than two months.”

Mike Murphy (LinkedIn Profile)

Board Chairman ~ FaceFirst, Board Director ~ Zingle, Former Board of Directors ~ MaintenanceNet (Acquired by Cisco) and Resolve Systems (Acquired by Insight Venture Partners)

Brennan Group Client at Zingle, FaceFirst, MaintenanceNet and Resolve Systems 2014 - 2018

“Kate evinces all the most important qualities for a great executive recruiter: creativity, persistence, persuasion, and detail-orientation. She did an excellent job on several important searches for Guidewire. In each case she undertook copious research and background work and delivered outcomes considerably faster than expected.”

Marcus Ryu (LinkedIn Profile)

Chairman ~ Guidewire

Brennan Group Client at Guidewire (13 roles placed) 2013 - 2018

“Kate was referred by people I respect because of her unique background and success in sales at tech companies.  They were right, it clearly differentiates her.  I worked with many Executive Search firms in my career – both as a candidate and as a client and her approach is impressive.  
In two months, Kate placed our EVP of Sales who has been game changing and critical to the success of our growth and sales organization.   Head of Sales is one of the most critical to get right and most often done wrong.  She brings candidates we never knew or thought we could meet.  She identifies them through the most successful Tech Exec’s in the business; they know Kate and respect her.  She really gets our business, and value proposition…. her message is compelling and candidates listen. 
Kate goes beyond the resume and gets to the heart of whether someone is truly good and the right cultural match.  She tells us the truth about a candidate, even if it isn’t what we want to hear.  She exhibits the highest ethics and is a great human being to know.  Making a career change can be an emotional process for a candidate and Kate is a huge asset in ensuring everything comes together successfully.”

Rob Bernshteyn (LinkedIn Profile)

CEO ~ Coupa

Brennan Group Client at Coupa November 2014

Logo for Coupa

“We recently worked with Kate to recruit a key executive within our leadership team. Because the position plays a vital role in the growth of our company, it was imperative that we had a robust pool of candidates. From day one, Kate was prepared. She went the extra mile to form a complete understanding of the position, our needs from the candidate and our company culture.

From Kate’s vast network of connections, she presented us with several qualified candidates within a few short weeks. Each candidate understood our goals, appreciated our vision and had already completed a thorough vetting process. In addition to her professionalism and resources, she is accessible, trustworthy and respected throughout the industry. “

Dave Labuda (LinkedIn Profile)

Founder, Chairman & Senior Innovation Advisor ~ MATRIXX Software

Brennan Group Client at MATRIXX; CRO placement 2018

“I have the pleasure of working with Kate on two recent executive searches. She was able to fill the positions in the company in a very short period of time. Not only the assignment was completed with flying colors, I am thrilled to have met someone so unique and impressive in what she does.

Due to her background in sales, she is able to bring a fresh perspective in recruiting. Rather than following the usual procedures, her approach is very creative and out-of-the-box. Rather than using the standard ‘recruiting tools’, she tabs into her wide network of contacts. She identifies candidates through solid recommendations from investors (board members, VCs, PEs), former managers/colleagues/subordinates. Her search effort is very thorough.

“I have the pleasure of working with Kate on two recent executive searches. She was able to fill the positions in the company in a very short period of time. Not only the assignment was completed with flying colors, I am thrilled to have met someone so unique and impressive in what she does.

Due to her background in sales, she is able to bring a fresh perspective in recruiting. Rather than following the usual procedures, her approach is very creative and out-of-the-box. Rather than using the standard ‘recruiting tools’, she tabs into her wide network of contacts. She identifies candidates through solid recommendations from investors (board members, VCs, PEs), former managers/colleagues/subordinates. Her search effort is very thorough.

She takes time to prepare comprehensive memos that describe the hiring company background, company culture, and the job requirement. She put together insightful questionnaires for candidates, which enables hiring managers to obtain a different perspective and insight in the candidates’ background, aspiration and pursuits prior to face-to-face meetings. One can rest assured that the candidates she recommends have gone through an extensive back-channel vetting process. Through her search methodology and connections, she is able to surface very high caliber candidates with context than simply presenting resumes. I would recommend Kate to anyone who plans to recruit senior executives. It will be hard to find another recruiting professional with such unique combination of skills, background and talent.”

Priscilla Hung (LinkedIn Profile)

COO ~ Guidewire

Brennan Group Client at Guidewire (13 roles placed) 2013 - 2018

“Kate recruited me to the board of Guidewire, which has turned out to be a great fit for me, leveraging my experience in enterprise technology, fintech, m&a and much more. I have known Kate since the early 2000s and she has always strived for, and delivered, excellence in every role I have seen her execute. In executive recruiting she has found a career which allows her to use her unique blend of talents to help companies build stronger teams through different chemistry. I have referred Kate to a number of companies that I work with and had very good feedback on her ability to find candidates that others can’t, and to make sure the cultural fit is strong.”

Andy Brown (LinkedIn Profile)

CEO ~ Sand Hill East, Board Director ~ Guidewire, Board Director ~ Zscaler, Board Director ~ Moogsoft, Board Advisor ~ Enterprise Engineering

Brennan Group Candidate at Guidewire and Client at Moogsoft and Enterprise Engineering 2015 - 2018

“Kate’s work ethic, intuition and ability to pitch our value prop have been invaluable in rapidly finding and placing (in less than 3 months) our SVP Sales, who wasn’t looking to make a move. She’s sensitive to the importance of cultural fit in a performance-driven organization.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone with a deeper commitment to your company’s success.”

Eric Lochner (LinkedIn Profile)

President and CEO ~ Steele Compliance Solutions, Former CEO placement ~ Achievers

Brennan Group Candidate at Achievers, Client at Steele Compliance Solutions 2015 and 2017

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of having been a client of Kate’s both as an employer looking to fill key executive positions in Product Development as well as a professional seeking a new career opportunity.

 Kate’s professional approach is only matched by her ingenuity.  I can say, without hesitation, that Kate has exceeded my expectations in all the situations that we have worked together. I found her to be diligent in following through on commitments and relentless in pursuing opportunities or candidates on behalf of those she represents.

 Besides being a dependable source of information and an extraordinary ambassador for both the company trying to recruit talent or the individual looking for a new opportunity, the most important quality that Kate displays is Integrity. Kate can be depended upon to make a good match between employer and employee. She knows that looking for a good match should be a “win-win” proposition.  

 Kate is an honest and forthright professional with an unwavering work ethic, passion for her work, and overall approachable demeanor.  I would unconditionally recommend Kate and the Brennan Group.”

Ali Kheirolomoom (LinkedIn Profile)

Chief Product Officer ~ Guidewire Software

Brennan Group Candidate, then Client at Guidewire (13 roles placed) 2013 - 2018

“The Brennan Group brought a slate of new candidates to the search that we had never met before. Kate did a terrific job of understanding our company’s business, which enabled us to recruit the best person for the job.”

Warren Weiss (LinkedIn Profile)

Managing General Partner ~ WestWave Capital, General Partner ~ Foundation Capital

Brennan Group Client at Visier (2018) and Moxie Software (2013)

“I have been working with Kate for the last year on filling a couple of our senior executive positions. There is no one better, or more connected, in the technology executive search business than Kate Brennan. Most recently, I brought Kate in to help find our new VP of Product. The caliber of candidates that she brought to the table would have taken us a year, or more, to capture on our own. If she doesn’t know someone, she knows someone that does. She goes above and beyond to contact, and raise interest, with the exact candidates that you need to be speaking with. I would highly recommend Kate to any organization that is looking to recruit the best of the best executive team.”

Shayne Skaff (LinkedIn Profile)

President/Co-founder ~ MaintenanceNet (Acquired by Cisco)

Brennan Group Client at MaintenanceNet 2014 and 2015

“We relocated our company, Cyvera to San Francisco, understanding that one of our biggest challenges would be to find the best people to join us and build our US operations. After working with a few consultants, we met Kate and it became clear how exceptional she is in comparison and retained her for this role. Kate has a sales leadership background at Technology companies so she understands what the needs are. She quickly grasped our value proposition, composed a compelling opportunity description and pitches the overall story in a way that attracted the best sales leaders out there to join us.”

Nati (Netanel) Davidi (LinkedIn Profile)

Founder/Co-CEO ~ VDOO, Founder/CEO ~ Cyvera (Acquired by Palo Alto Networks)

Brennan Group Client at Palo Alto Networks November 2014

“Kate has a long successful background in big-ticket sales — a common background for many of the most successful recruiters, as the skills are very similar.

Kate is exceptionally hard working, focused, and creative. She builds and develops effective and often out-of-the-box networks to find and qualify the best candidates. She has done outstanding work with great results for two of my companies. She is appropriate for any executive level search, with particular skills in the sales and marketing suite, CEO and CFO.”

Bryan Stolle (LinkedIn Profile)

Founding Partner ~ Wildcat Venture Partners, Partner ~ Mohr Davidow, Founder ~ Agile Software

Brennan Group Client at Coupa (2012) and AirPR (2017)

Logo for Mohr Davidow

“Kate placed me on the board of Guidewire based on listening and asking strategic questions to uncover Guidewire’s business goals. I believe it is rare to experience an executive recruiter who advises her client to consider profiles that are completely different from what they thought they wanted and has earned the respect to gain their buy-in. Kate’s business sense, wisdom and out of the box creativity are not what you expect from typical retained search firms.   Her ability to connect with clients and candidates to find the perfect fit is an impressive process to observe.”

Paul Lavin (LinkedIn Profile)

Member Board of Directors ~ Guidewire, President/CEO ~ American Health Holding

Brennan Group Candidate at Guidewire November 2014